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Welcome to my design portfolio.

I create patterns for various products and markets, from home decor to fashion. You can browse some of my work below. If you are interested in something different, please reach out to me.

This collection is all about celebrating travel through different modes of transport, creating a sense of adventure and discovery.

Banksias, Grevilleas, Kangaroo Paw, and Geraldton Wax come together with a color palette taken directly from the Australian bush.

Reflects the many landscapes that make up the beautiful country of Australia. From the dry and startling red desert, across temperate grasslands, rugged mountains, engulfing rainforest, and glorious coastlines. Immerse yourself or select a piece to make your own.

Who doesn’t love a summer beach holiday, and this one has a retro Miami vibe. Aimed at children but just as much at home with fun-loving adults.

Exploring the icons and mythology surrounding the Aegean sea, in a deep and mystic colour palette.

Sink into this bohemian-inspired opulence. Contemporary and eclectic luxury in a sumptuous color palette.

Bright sunshine, drinks with umbrellas, and a gentle breeze from the water while you relax in a deck chair. This collection shines with warm holiday vibrancy.

Floating Free Collection is all about reflecting on simpler times with a contemporary twist. Optimistic and relaxed, it is a fun celebration of life.

Leaning into cottagecore, is the Floral Whimsy collection. Endearing and playful. Ideal for kitchen linens, wallpaper, or fabric.

This versatile collection of abstract florals is both contemporary and nostalgic, with a color palette to meet every need.

As the days turn colder, warm yourself by the fire and admire the bountiful harvest collected and preserved. Warmth, simplicity, and texture emanate from this collection as the days turn cooler.

A playful nod to Art Deco styling with a contemporary color palette.

This masculine collection takes inspiration from space exploration. It adds lustre and style to any product.

This abstract and energetic collection hones in on dopamine dressing. The fun of combining graphic and hand-painted elements together flows through to enrich any surface it covers.

This abstract collection combines texture on texture to create a warm, comforting, and organic feel.

“Humanity” and the supporting designs in this collection speak for themselves. Love is love. Originally created with Valentine's day in mind, it can easily be recolored to suit the occasion.

Unapologetically bold maximalism. Lush tropical abstracts, filled with shape and texture.

A voyage to life under the sea. All elements are hand-painted and scanned in at high resolution.

Where fitness technology meets community and nature.

Exclusive Designs

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Welcome to our Exclusive Designs page, where Mary Broughton’s creativity knows no bounds. This private collection, accessible only to logged-in users, showcases a realm of patterns designed to elevate your experience and provide a unique perspective on elegance and style.